Apple’s Sizzle Turns to Fizzle as iPad Launches

The majority of the tech world gathered around monitors yesterday to watch Apple announce their latest creation. From the hype that was brewing around the internet, many expected a game changing product. Something that would create an entire new market and lead the company down a path that has never been traveled by any company before it.

The truth is that Apple released a slate computer. Very similar to what Microsoft and HP showed off at CES during the keynote. Also very much like the tablets sold by companies like Fujitsu, LG, HP, Lenovo, etc.. When I look at the specs and details, I’m having a hard time seeing what makes the iPad so much better than what we already have. In fact, it seems like it’s somewhat limited when you compare it to the ink functionality of todays existing tablets.  The iPad has no ink support – not a good thing for enterprise customers. I’ll agree that they have lived up the typical Apple style elements, as it’s a pretty nice looking unit. But looks aren’t going to make it a success all by itself. It will come with 16GB or 32GB memory capacity, 9.7 inch multi-touch screen, 10 hours battery life, and support for WiFi and 3G (using a new micro SIM). There’s also a small dock with a keyboard attached – that’s the coolest part of this product for me.

Image from of GDGT’s live coverage of the launch.

What are you thinking about this new product from Apple? And the most important question, are you going to stand in line for one?

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