Hard Reset the HTC Touch Pro 2

MobileJaw-HTC-TouchPro2 HTC’s new Touch Pro 2 device is finally starting to make its way into the hands of people around the world. The TP2 has been available in Europe for a little while. Canada’s Telus has recently started offering the phone, and AT&T in the US is expected to start offering the phone shortly.

To hard reset the Touch Pro 2 when the phone is on, simply select Start / Settings / All Settings, and then tap Clear Storage. Enter the password, by default it should be 1234, and press Yes. You’ll be prompted to confirm the wipe of the device and then you’re ready to go.

To hard reset the Touch Pro 2 when the device is powered off, the first thing you need to do is make sure you warm up your fingers because you’ll need them to be flexible in order to get this just right. Press and hold the following 3 keys – Call, Hang Up, and Volume Down. Now, with all 3 of those buttons pressed, you need to take the stylus and press the reset button on the side of the phone. Continue to hold those keys until you see a white screen with instructions on how to continue. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re good.

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  • Jo

    The hard reset you suggested doesn’t seem to work – what am I doing wrong?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong. Keep trying! It’s not easy to press all those buttons at the same time. Remember – you need to hold Call and Hang up and volume down while pressing the reset button with the stylus.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Works on HTC TP2 for Verizon… THANKS!!!!!!!

  • Joe Shmoe

    Thought I bricked my phone!!!!!! You saved the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince

    You don’t even have to hit the reset button, just the 3 buttons, send/hangup/vol down. Just don’t press the hangup button first or it’ll be turned on.

    • ryan

      Yup, only the 3 buttons were required. The reset button needn’t not be pressed. Just release all 3 when the screen pops up. Good to go.

  • anthony

    THis article is wrong you hit POWER Talk and END and it hard resets just did it 5 times in a row to confirm

    • Rhiannon

      Worked on my Tmobile phone

  • Nickey

    The Last post works for the T-Mobile Version of the HTC Touch Pro 2

  • korri

    “anthony on October 12th, 2009 10:15 pm

    THis article is wrong you hit POWER Talk and END and it hard resets just did it 5 times in a row to confirm”

    only works for some carriers, just tried it on canada’s telus and it doesnt work. the clear storage is the best option it worked great for me

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    The above post was written in regards to the Telus Touch Pro 2 – which was the FIRST TP2 to be released. It is possible that T-Mo has a different procedure, although it’s not common for them to have different hardware keys for hard reset on the same model.

    The Clear Storage option is always the best and easiest method, but it can only help you IF your phone will boot.

  • Joshua Goldberg

    The original post work, just did it. However, I didn’t have enough hands so I had to press the reset button by holding the stylus in my mouth. Who the hell designs this crap? I shouldn’t need to use my mouth, lol!

  • Jason Vert


  • http://ppctech.info w5a

    It’s very simple just hold call/end val down also click on reset with a pen.. than follow the screen which will tell u now click on volume up, it will delete and reboot.. it will take like 2 mins top..

  • Faro Viejo

    Works perfect on HTC Touch Pro 2 for Verizon :)

    Gracias !!

  • cmoney

    All Settings
    Clear Memory

    You don’t have to be a contortionist to reset.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @cmoney – the second paragraph in the article talks about that method. Sure, it works – but ONLY if your device will boot up. If it’s hanging on startup, then you need to do the manual method which requires you to be a contortionist. 😉

  • scott

    for the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint I had to
    press the call and call end and the power button, then
    with stylus in my mouth hit the reset button, and continue to hold the buttons until white screen appeared.

  • Angela Kaye Mason

    IT WORKED!!! THANK YOU! I have a Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2, and I did not have to use the stylus and mash in the reset button, all that was required was to press ‘send’, ‘end’ and ‘volumn down’ and then the screen showed rainbow colors(keep holding through this) and then a white screen with blue text which said if I was sure I wanted to reset, to press ‘send’. I did, and walllahhh! Be sure that you don’t hit the ‘end’ button first though, or your phone will turn itself back on!

  • Cody

    If I hard reset it will it delete pictures, and contacts? saved to the phone.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Cody – Yup. A hard reset will wipe all your data from the device. So any pictures, contacts, files, etc will be removed.

  • Cody

    Okay thank you. How would I do a soft reset and what would that do for the phone?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Cody – a soft reset is just rebooting the device. You can do that by pulling the battery, or pressing and holding the power button until you see a prompt asking if you want to power off the phone.

  • hg

    “scott on March 29th, 2010 2:43 am

    for the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint I had to
    press the call and call end and the power button, then
    with stylus in my mouth hit the reset button, and continue to hold the buttons until white screen appeared.”

    Love your method, it worked like a charm! 😉 lol.

  • Liz

    Thank you so much! All the other sites had it wrong! (I’m guessing it’s due to the Verizon factor.) Much appreciated!

  • lisaJ

    hey if my phone freezes up do you think i will need a hard reset

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @lisaJ – if you’re phone freezes, just pull the battery and give it a couple seconds. Then replace the battery and start it up. You should be fine.

    If your phone continues to freeze up, time and time again, then you might want to consider a hard reset.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • John

    Thanks for the guide!

    If I hard-reset my TP2, will the phone work with the network after I power it on? I mean, will I have to re-enter any sort of registration information to make calls/texts/etc or should it work immediately?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @John – your phone will work right away. The only thing you need to worry about is data – and only if you’re using a SIM card from another carrier in the phone. If it’s a AT&T TP2, and you have an AT&T SIM, then there’s nothing to worry about. If you’ve put in a different SIM, you may have to enter the details for that data network.

    Otherwise, you’re good to go. :)

  • Jennier

    Ok call me dumb but where is the ok button after inputting 1234??

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Jennier – “Yes” is the soft button in the lower left side. It’s the on-screen button under the keyboard. :)

  • Jennier

    Just as soon as I hit submit I found the ok button, was a big blonde moment! lol

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    😀 Cool – glad you got things working!

  • Joe

    On the newer TP2 software phones you need to go Start->settings->all settings->memory->bottom tab, clear storage -> select yes, then enter 1234 into box -> select ok. It will ask about clearing, select yes. It will hard reset and reboot.

  • JD

    I have the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Verizon. I am in the U.S. It’s running Windows Mobile 6.1, because that’s what it came with. I know that the T-mobile HTC Touch Pro 2’s have a dedicated power button, the Verizon version does not. End doubles as the power button. I hit call/send, then end and volume down at the same time. When the white screen came up, I hit call/send to confirm the reset, and the phone *immediately* restarted. Is that supposed to happen, or did I do something wrong?

  • Mack


    I have similar problem with my HTC Touch Pro2 it keeps on reebooting itself. I’ve tried hard resetting but once I got the reset screen then press vol up nothing happend the phone keeps on rebooting again. Please helppp… living in Brunei in south east asia..

  • Radja

    Mack, I’ve the same problem. Have buying new battery wall charger for battery, trying to upgrade ROM, but nothing helps. Phone infinite reboots on OS loading. Phone branded as T-Mobile.

  • http://thisone demarkus jones

    it works i promise it took me a couple of trys but i got it

  • dionaski

    buenas noches tengo problemas con el telefono ya que es distinto al que tiene ustedes pero es htc touch pro 2 el cual es negro y tiene la renura de audio donde se carga yo quiero reiniciarlo ya que se le puso la pantalla en blanco estoy buscando lo posible por reiniciarlo pero el power se encuentra en el mismo cuelgue de llamada (AYUDA POR FAVOR) este es mi correo el.leo_17@hotmail.com

  • qamari

    My Touchpro2 phone’s touch screen dos’nt work what can I do
    please help me

  • japz

    hi i have HTC tp2 sprint and it is unlock to other carrier if i going to hard reset my phone did the unlock will also lost?can i use different carrier again? help me please. japz2007c@yahoo.com

  • farzane

    i have HTC pro2 sprint , when i hit on startsend,end and then power it just tern on????
    how can i solve that