Understanding Vanity Dialing in Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has included a feature in their phones called Vanity Dialing. As the name implies, this feature will allow you to dial those ever popular vanity numbers like 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Samsung. You can find Vanity Dialing on the new Samsung Jack, Propel Pro and even the older BlackJack II devices under Start / Settings / Key Settings / Vanity Dialing. After turning this on, you will need to reboot your phone before you can use the feature.

Now that you have turned this on, you can easily dial vanity numbers without trying to remember what number M, or I, or K, or E. You can use your QWERTY keyboard to enter the full word easily and the smartphone will automatically replace the letters with the correct numbers. To use the feature, start entering the number as you normally would. When you get to the letters, press the function (Fn) key and then type the word using your keyboard. For example, if you wanted to dial 1-800-MobileJaw, you would press 1, 8, 0, 0, Fn, M, o, b, i, l, e, J, a, w (without the comma’s). That’s easy enough, right? So get out there and dial those vanity numbers!


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    Understanding Vanity Dialing in Samsung Smartphones – http://tinyurl.com/nf4vam

  • http://www.pharfruminsain.com Peter Temporale

    Pretty cool feature.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Check on your BlackJack – I don’t recall if this was a feature on that model or not.

  • John Halsey

    this feature is included in the Motorola Q9c and A4500 (Napoleon).

  • Allen B.

    This would be a TREMENDOUSLY helpful feature at times, but is there a reason that Vanity Dialing does not appear to be an option for me? By BlackJack II is 1.5 years old… :/

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @John – Cool, thanks for sharing that. I haven’t played with a Q9 in a while so I wasn’t aware of that.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Allen – It’s not on your BlackJack II? Did you upgrade your device to Windows Mobiel 6.1 when Samsung/AT&T released that ROM? Perhaps this wasn’t a feature in the 6.0 version.

  • Allen B.

    Mike – Yeah, that must be it… I’m running 6.0 and haven’t upgraded to 6.1… :(

    But since we’re on the subject, should I? I guess I’ve been a bit afraid to upgrade since everything in my phone works perfectly fine and I wasn’t sure that the benefits 6.1 are worth the risk… I don’t mean to hijack the discussion of Vanity Dialing, but I would love to hear your thoughts… Thanks! :)

  • http://www.pharfruminsain.com Peter Temporale

    There is no “Key Settings” menu item on my Blackjack (v1). I also haven’t been updated to the new WinMo 6.1 – I’m still waiting for that to magically get done by itself. ;)

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Allen – I found Windows Mobile 6.1 to be worth the upgrade. But that’s me. I can’t say if there is enough value in that for you to upgrade or not. If everything is running smooth, then you might just want to skip it. If you do decide to upgrade, make sure you backup your contacts and any data you have on the device as it will be wiped clean.

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @Peter – Yeah, that’s what I thought. So it wasn’t there on the original BlackJack.

    So it looks like you need to have Windows Mobile 6.1 on your device to enjoy this feature. It’s also on the new Propel Pro device.

  • Allen B.

    Thanks Mike, I appreciate the insight!

  • http://www.pharfruminsain.com Peter Temporale

    I saw a phone i liked. It looked like a BlackJack, but was Silver/Chrome, and was a slider. I’ve been waiting for a review of that phone.

  • http://www.800response.com Jeanne

    Dialing a vanity number from your smart-phone is easier than ever! In fact most smart phones have your standard keypad with the numbers and letters right on it. However phones like Research in Motions Blackberry do not, but all you need to do is press the alt key on your blackberry, or like the post mentions the fn key on Samsung and enter the letters of the vanity number right onto the screen and the phone will automatically convert into the corresponding number. More smart phones are rolling out with this feature but many consumers still do not know about these easy ways to dial a vanity

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