Hard Reset the Samsung Jack

MobileJaw-SamsungJack-HardReset Sometimes there is a need to start fresh with your device.  Perhaps you just picked up the Jack from eBay or maybe you’re getting ready to list it for sale and want to clear off any personal details from the phone.  Or maybe, you’ve installed something and it’s your device un-usable. That should never be the case, but you never know, right?  If you want to start over, you need to perform what is called a "Hard Reset”.  This will wipe your device clean of any personal information and revert the device back to factory settings.  There are a couple ways to do this on the Samsung Jack.

Just to be clear, this article is talking about the AT&T Samsung Jack (SGH-i637) smartphone, also known as the Omnia Pro B7320.  If you are using a Rogers or Fido Samsung Jack, then and need to look at the hard reset instructions for the BlackJack II, which can be found here.

On the Samsung Jack, there are 2 types of reset options, Master Clear and Master Reset. The Master Reset function will reset the phone back to factory settings. The Master Clear option will reset the phone and wipe clean the user storage locations.  To access these options, you need to hit Start / Settings / Security and then select the reset method of your choice.  You will then be prompted for a reset password. Unless you have changed this value, the default is 0000 (four zero’s). Enter the reset password and you will be prompted to confirm the reset. If you picked the Master Clear, you will be prompted to select which user storage will be wiped.

MobileJaw-SamsungJack-HardReset-MasterClear MobileJaw-SamsungJack-HardReset-MasterReset

If the Samsung Jack won’t boot or hangs just after booting, you can still perform a hard reset on the device.  From a powered off state, press the power button while holding down the “F” key on the keyboard. Keep holding down the “F” key until you see the format menu.  Here you will be prompted on which type of reset you are looking to do. Select 1 for Master Clear, or 2 for Master Reset and the device will be wiped accordingly.

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  • Justin C

    Performing a master clear for AT&T customers with SIM Cards, will this delete contacts stored in that location?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    If your contacs are stored on the SIM card, then they will not be erased. If they’re on the SIM, they usually show with a little SIM icon in the contacts list.

    If your contacts are stored in Outlook on the device, they will be erased.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • john

    My jack is stuck on the green windows screen. I have tried everything. got any ideas?

  • H

    I found a samsung Jack, and it’s locked…anyone have any ideas on how to unlock it?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @H – what kind of lock are you talking about? Is it locked to the carrier’s network that’s causing you problems, or is it application locked and restricting you from installing applications? If it’s application lock, you should check out this post – http://www.mobilejaw.com/articles/2009/09/removing-application-lock-on-windows-mobile-standard-devices/

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @john – if it’s stuck on the green boot screen, you’ll need to use the method outlined above for hard reseting the device using the hardware buttons on boot.

  • Longleggs

    I have a ATT Samsung jack that was suppose to be unlocked, i am in another contry and trying to use it. i can make calls and tried yesterday to get the data package from our carrier. But i can’t access the internet on the phone prior to going to the carrier, i was able to get on with wi-fi, now i cannot get on at all, what would you suggest i do.

  • Strat919

    For the second time my Jack will not connect to the internet via the ATT browser. The first time, I did a master reset and it worked. This time no luck. If I use Internet Explorer no problem. I prefer the ATT browser as it has my pages easily available. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

  • Chyna

    I have had the same problem with accessing Media Web and no problem with internet explorer. I too prefer to use ATT browser. I have also done Master Reset and still no luck. Please help!

  • affa

    hey everyone
    i have a problem with my phone…
    there is some technical differences between JACK and Omnia Pro, i have an Omnia and when update its windows with Jack windows update file, i have some problems for exp: my navigation keys dont work correctly…
    what should i do for this ?!?! how i can restore my Omnia to winodws 6.1 ?!?!? (the master rest didnt work)

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @affa – A master reset will only restore the device to the latest flashed version of the ROM. It restores all the settings to factory default and erases all the data.

    The Jack and the Omnia Pro are _technically_ different devices. You need to get the latest ROM from Samsung for your device. If you try and flash the Windows Mobile 6.5 Jack ROM to the Omnia Pro, you will have some problems.

    As for where you can find the original ROM for your device, you will need to check Samsung’s website. If they don’t have it listed, then you might have search for one of the hacked ROMs.

  • affa

    i did the master reset as you told.. but it reset to AT&T (Jack) windows… actually i did it twice… can i install the windows 6.1 on my phone again ?!

  • Alex

    Thank you so much for this. I just purchased it and had a horrible nightmare with the password. THANK YOU!!!!

  • pla

    i have a problem with my jack
    i have done a master reset and storage clear at least four times and i still have an alert come up all the time telling me there is a critical component missing, and if i turn it off i have a hard time getting it back on
    i need some help

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    @pla – sounds like you have a hardware issue. I would look at sending it in for repair.

  • Myka.Harrison@yahoo.com


  • Michelle

    I got a jack off craigslist and I did a small re-set and not the complete hard re_set and the phone worked fine. I was able to access the wi-fi for my home internet with no problems. I had to do a complete hard reset due to not having any sound working on the phone. Now that I have done a complete reset I can not access the internet via wi-fi like I was able to. I do not have a data plan with my carrier but I didnt before the reset either.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

    Hi Michelle,

    It sounds like the settings in IE Mobile are not correct. I always had to change them in order to get things working. Try this:

    – Open IE Mobile, tap Menu / Tools / Options / Connections, turn off “Automatically detect settings”, and make sure the select network drop down is set to “The Internet”. Select Done, and then try loading a website.

    Please let me know how that works out.

  • Jeff

    I tried to do the hard reset, master clear, and memory clear, my jack, anytime I try to boot it, will hang at the “SAMSUNG” screen, is there anything I can do?

    • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

      Sounds like there is some corruption in the ROM image. Did you flash it with a 3rd party ROM? Your only real hope is to try and flash it with a new ROM. Although, by the sounds of it, I don’t think it’s booting far enough along to even do that.

      If you’re under warranty, I would push for them to flash or fix it. But it’s unlikely that you still have a warranty on that device. :(

  • Michelle


    Thanks for responding. The auto detect was all ready un checked but I did change the setting to internet but it didn’t fix the problem.

    I do not have a data plan with AT&T and didnt when I put the sim card into the phone. I was able to surf the web after setting up my wi-fi settings before the hard reset and now it keeps telling me data coverage may be unavailable. Not sure what happen after the hard reset but it is broken now.


    • http://www.MobileJaw.com Mike Temporale

      Was Automatically detect settings turned off already? Then try turning it on. It’s been a while since I used a non-touch windows phone. It was the opposite of whatever the default was. I always had to toggle this setting.

  • jason

    i stoppped using my samsung jack because i got an i phone but my iphone broke. i want to use my samsung jack again but i forgot my password to enter in to my phone. what do i do?

  • Shy

    I received a call in about a minute ago n was checking time on my Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 but can’t see anything on the screen. The screen is blank now n do not know what to do. Cam u help me pls. I’m disturbed………….. !

  • Carlos

    I appreciate the post. I was able to clear the password that I had forgotten on my phone. Thanks so much for your help.

  • mason

    thanks so much.

  • Christian

    I have Samsung Omnia Pro B7320. I tried updating the software of the phone from window mobile 6.1 to 6.5. During the installation of the update, it failed. The phone turned off. I tried turning it back on but it always stays in the logo part of SAMSUNG and it won’t go any further.

    Any idea what to do? Need help.

  • Patrickaderinrock

    how do i reset voicemail so i can access

  • Pmd5555

    i dropped the phone and now when i turn it on it is just a black screen .. i cant see anything
    on it,, what can i do? is it gone for good?

  • Kepa

    After pressing 1 and then I tried pressing Y and nothing happens, my screen seems to froze there until I take out the battery. Why is it doing that? It won’t even let me reset after doing the first step. Pls help

  • Robyn

    I have a samsung jack sghi637, i cant get it to connect to wifi hotspots. I think someone has messed with the settings. What do i do. ?? Thank You.Robyn