Microsoft Takes the Wraps off Windows Mobile 6.5

MobileWorldCongress2009Today at Mobile World Congress, Microsoft has revealed the next version of their mobile operating system – Windows Mobile 6.5. The user experience in Windows Mobile 6.5 has changed significantly from past versions. From the lock screen you will be able to see your next meeting information along with quickly accessing voicemail, text messages, email, or the taskbar. Touch screen devices will now have a new home screen system that resembles the menu styles from Microsoft’s Zune music player. The start menu has also been re-worked – gone is the drop down list followed by folder full of icons packed together. The replacement is a hexagon grid of icons allowing quick and easy access using nothing but your fingers. Along with the new home screen and start menu, Microsoft has also updated IE Mobile. There’s no hiding the fact that this update is long overdue, but it looks like the waiting has been worth it with built-in support for Zoom, Flash, and Live Search. There are some high resolution screen shots of the new lock, home, and start menu screens.

Microsoft hasn’t stopped at updating the OS. They’ve also announced a couple new services. The first, MyPhone, which saw it’s release a little early due to an accident with the website going live a week early. MyPhone is aimed at providing you the ability to backup your device to the cloud. The MyPhone service will backup your contacts, calendar, tasks, pictures, and documents to Microsoft’s MyPhone website. Allowing you to easily restore these to a new device if yours is ever lost or stolen. The MyPhone service will work over cellular data, WiFi, or even an ActiveSync connection.

The second new service announced by Microsoft is an on-device application store for Windows Mobile apps. The new software is called “Windows Marketplace for Mobile” and will allow people to purchase and download applications directly to the device.

I will be posting some other articles throughout the day as more information is released at Mobile World Congress. So stay tuned!


This image shows off the new lock screen. You can see the different icons for text messages, voicemail, email, and missed calls.


The new hexagonal start menu provides large targets making it easy for your fingers to press.


The new IE Mobile brings the aging mobile browser back up to speed with competitors.

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    Microsoft Takes the Wraps off Windows Mobile 6.5: Today at Mobile World Congress, Microsoft has revealed the nex..

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    Well, lets hope for their sake, that they got off their lazy asses and produced a useable product. For me, I will be changing to another op system, I have spent enough time fixing duplicate entries in my phone.