Easily Manage Multiple Network Data Settings on Windows Mobile

One of the great appeals of a GSM device is the ability to swap SIM cards and as a result, networks. As an example, I have a Samsung BlackJack II from AT&T running on Fido’s network. When I travel to the US, I just pull out my Fido SIM and put in my AT&T SIM and I’m off and running without those nasty roaming charges. The only problem is when it comes to data – I don’t want to have to enter those settings every time I travel. Typically, I would leave all the network settings in the phone and just edit the Connects To setting for the networks. I would set the network I don’t want to use to connect to Work and the network I want to use to Internet. It works, but it can get to be a pain trying to edit all those entries and with the new network settings lock, it can be near impossible (especially if you don’t want to hack your phone). Thankfully, there is a handy little utility in Windows Mobile that lets you flag a given network as the default making it very easy to switch between networks. It’s not a new feature, it’s in both Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6. It may also be in 5, but I don’t have a device handy to check that on.

To change the default data settings to match the network you’re currently roaming on, simply hit Start / Settings / Connections, then press the right Menu key and select Advanced. You should now see a screen like the one in the one above. Select the settings that match your current carrier and your done. :-)

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    I am having trouble changing my settings to Straight talk, what do i do? Can you help?