Mobile Jaw is a site dedicated to talking about mobility. We’re not trying to be another breaking news site – there’s plenty of those around. Mobile Jaw is focused on articles, reviews, tips & tricks, and our random thoughts as they relate to mobility. When we say mobility, we’re not just talking about phones – although, that will be a big part of our focus. For us, Mobility is using technology to help keep you connected to the things that matter when you’re out and about. We don’t want to restrict the conversation to any one area.

Got comments? You’ve heard it before. All the normal rules you find in other online communities apply here. It’s quite simple. Be altruistic – help your fellow human beings by using your jaw on this site for the benefit of others. Have your say. But please tell us what you think without using foul language, disparaging or off-colour comments of people, places or things (including the products). If there is something you like, feel free to rave about it. And if there is something you don’t like, you will find that people are generally more receptive to constructive criticism, and appreciate well-positioned viewpoints. This is a forum for person-to-person communication on what is really great (and not so great) about technology. When you engage in conversation, we challenge you to find a way to be candid without being condescending. We know you will find a way.